Surface Sanitizing & Growth Protection

Indoor Cleaning and Maintenance is proud is be a family owned company. We have been helping our customers in Marina,CA protect their home investments and live healthier, happier lives since 1997 with our signature process.

Even though your house may look perfectly clean, if you don't sanitize surfaces throughout the home then bacteria and mold could be growing, too small to see until it blooms into mildew in the refrigerator or unsightly discoloration of your carpet. To prevent bacteria growth, we will sanitize surfaces in every room using our own safe equipment to get a deep-down clean that supermarket cleaning solutions can't achieve. We prevent mold growth to keep counters and floors gleaming bright, and kitchens and bathrooms smelling fresh.

Our process will prevent mold growth and bacterial contamination to protect your investment and your health. Allergy sufferers and those who struggle with asthma or other breathing problems will see the benefit when we use our special process to prevent bacteria growth in the areas where you live, sleep and bathe. And, let's face it, a cleaner room just looks better whether you're seeing the beautiful colors of a slate floor or the light gleaming through crystal clear windows.

Our experienced team will save your time and energy, saving you from endless scrubbing and inhaling noxious fumes from cleaning chemicals. When we visit you we will tailor our process according to your home and your family's needs to help you live your best life and protect your greatest investment.

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